'Right to Work' is Wrong

‘Right to Work’ is Wrong.

As Delaware State Auditor I will proactively work to find savings and efficiencies in our State Government.  I will investigate fraud and abuse.

I will also speak out in support of proposals that will benefit the citizens of Delaware.

I will also speak out in opposition to proposals that will harm the citizens of Delaware.

One such proposal, being promoted by a member of the Sussex County Council, is to make Sussex County a ‘Right to Work’ county.  This misrepresented proposal should really be called what it is – ‘Right to Work for Less’.  The average worker in a Right to Work (RTW) state makes about $6,000 less than the average worker in a free bargaining state.  The poverty rate is almost 15% higher in RTW states than in free bargaining states.  Workplace fatalities are almost 55% higher in RTW states compared to states where the unions can speak up on behalf of workers.

I grew up in a Union family.  My father was a heavy equipment operator in Operating Engineers Local 542.  Several of my cousins and two of my uncles were in Local 542.  Other cousins and uncles were Union pipefitters and Union Bricklayers.  I worked as a member of Laborer’s Local 199 while I was a student at the University of Delaware.  These unions and many others provided good paying jobs with health benefits and the unions aggressively worked to ensure that workers had a safe working environment.

Without the work of Organized Labor we wouldn’t have the 40 hour work week, employer provided health benefits, and workplace safety.  Do we really want to risk all of this for the false promises of the Right to Work proponents?  Right to Work is Wrong.  It is wrong for Sussex County and it is wrong for Delaware. 

Contact Sussex County Council.  Contact your State Representatives and State Senators. Please join me in speaking out against this misguided, misleading, and wrong proposal.