Dennis E Williams - "The only candidate with the Experience, Qualifications, Independence, and Commitment to Transparency"


Dennis has been a Democrat for 40 consecutive years.  He knows, as a long-time Democratic committee member, the important role you have in promoting our Democratic values, policies, principles, and candidates.

Many Democratic RD committees are now discussing whether they are going to make a recommendation to the Democratic County Committees to endorse candidates for local, county, and statewide offices.

Committees have been choosing to make recommendations in all races, in just some races, or to not make any recommendations at all and some committees are choosing to wait until after the July 10th filing deadline.

That choice is yours.

If your committee does choose to make a recommendation Dennis respectfully asks for your support and for your recommendation for endorsement for the office of State Auditor of Accounts.

Dennis is the only candidate with the education and experience in accounting and auditing, state government, and operations, technology, and non-profit management.

•          Experience in industry, government and non-profit accounting.

•          Accounting & Financial Management Degree from UD

•          Working accountant - have worked as an auditor, financial controller, and chief financial officer for small, medium, and large organizations for over 30 years.

•          Managed a large staff of accounting, finance, and information technology professionals for a large organization (As Controller and Budget Director for Sikorsky Global Helicopter, a $6 billion company. By comparison, Delaware’s State budget is $4.25 billion).

•          Experience in auditing and implementing internal controls, necessary to understand the functions and to be effective as an auditor.

•          Served as a State Legislator for 3 terms in the Delaware General Assembly

•          Served on the Joint Capital Budget Committee. I understand the state budget.

•          Finally, and perhaps even most important, the State Auditor must be independent in fact and in appearance to fulfill the duties of the office.

This last item – the need for independence, is critical for the public to have confidence in the integrity of the state’s finances.  Dennis is the only candidate who has not sought or accepted endorsements or campaign contributions from Elected Officials or Agency Heads.  I will not be compromised.  Any candidate who claims that they can accept endorsements, support and money AND be independent after they are elected is not being truthful.  Governor Carney has stated that he will not get involved in this race because he is head of the Executive Branch and his branch is audited by the State Auditor and to do so would be a conflict of interest.  Accounting professionals have also reached the same conclusion, stating that acceptance of such endorsements or campaign contributions would compromise the candidate’s ability to be independent.  Independence is an absolute, unquestionable, unwavering requirement of this office and Dennis is the only candidate who has remained independent in this race.

This is our first real chance to make this office truly work for the people of Delaware.

We as Democrats cannot allow a candidate with no qualifications or experience to represent us in this race.

We as Democrats cannot allow a candidate who worked for and supported the Republican incumbent, someone who has been part of the problem for the past eight years, to represent us in this race.

The office of Auditor of Accounts is unique in our state government.  It is a partisan position that requires independence.  It requires accounting experience, management experience, leadership experience, and political experience. I am the only candidate that possesses these necessary qualifications.


 More information is available on and on Facebook – Dennis E Williams for State Auditor – 302-373-0115

 Dennis E Williams

Dennis E Williams


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