The future economic downturn has often been predicted by the real estate market. Although the sub-prime mortgage crisis was first noticed in 2007, it wasn’t recognized until 2008. The market crashed and affected businesses, and American unemployment rose.

President Obama implemented relief measures to help the economy during the housing crisis. Executive order 13502 provided funding for federal home loans banks to increase capital by $100 billion. This would eventually lead to consumers having easier access to loans.

1) Biden Has A Passion For Cars

While President Obama is well-known for his passion for basketball, Joe Biden prefers cars. With his staff, he can be seen driving around Washington D.C. in a 1967 Corvette. His collection includes a 1965 Corvette and a 1986 Porsche 944.

2) Biden Is A Major Voice For Women’s Rights

Obama is known for his love of female councilors. However, he is also passionate about women’s rights. If this isn’t possible, President Obama will consult Vice-President Joe Biden prior to making any decision regarding women’s issues. In a joke, President Obama stated that Biden was an honorary woman for the amount of time he spends with them.

3) He was once a lifeguard

Joe Biden was a lifeguard when he was younger. Later, he credited this experience with his ability to speak with students in trouble or going through difficult times during many speeches across the country.

4) Biden Loses His Wife and Daughter in a Car Crash, And Finds Love Again

Joe Biden lost his first wife and child in a car accident that happened when he was just a teenager. It seemed like it would be forever before Biden fell in love again after such terrible experiences. After he found love again, however, it was a quick marriage that took place and Jill became his second spouse in 1977. Their relationship is still very strong, even after all these years. Public displays of affection such as holding hands and hugging can be seen.

5) Biden has a lot of medical problems

Joe Biden is well-known for his severe illness. Asthma, allergies, an enlarged bladder, bursitis, bursitis, and arthritis in his neck, along with visible facial pain known as Bell’s Palsy, are some of his problems. He has been able to work tirelessly for the American people despite all his medical issues. He has taken injections that have greatly reduced his pain.

6) He Is An Admirer Of Abraham Lincoln

Joe Biden initially wanted to be a priest as a child, but he decided to go into politics. He chose this career path because of his admiration for Abraham Lincoln. Biden was asked by President Obama to run for his running mate in 2008 because of his love for Lincoln.

7) He was overlooked for the Supreme Court Seat that Ultimately Belonged To Sonia Sotomayor

Joe Biden wasn’t chosen, despite being one of Barack Obama’s first choices as Supreme Court Justice. Biden seemed to be the obvious replacement for Justice David Souter at first. However, President Obama changed his mind and elected Sonia Sotomayor as his replacement.

8) He Was In A Bad Plane Crash In 1972

Joe Biden was in a plane accident that could have proved fatal in 1972. He had been practicing law during this time, and he decided to run as a senator. He is very familiar with injuries and became a champion for health care reform after being elected to Congress in 1973.

9) He was born in the Year of The Rat

People born under the sign rat in the Chinese Zodiac are considered hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, and great leaders. This is why Barack Obama chose Biden as his running mate in 2008.

10) He is a well-known Chauvinist

Joe Biden, despite his efforts to improve this image over the years, is still a bit of an egotist. Although it doesn’t seem intentional, his actions and words have certainly contributed to this label. Despite all the negative attention Biden has received for this trait, Biden seems to be grateful for the chance to work for women’s rights.

These ten secrets about Joe Biden show that there’s more to his life than most people realize. Biden is an interesting person who has worked hard for America since his birth. He deserves all the attention that has been given to him because of his good work.

These facts will help you to understand Biden better.

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In contrast to #LetsGoBrandon — a apparent innocent remark that ridicules the president Joe Biden and is code for “(expletive) Joe Biden” -“Thank You, Biden “Thank you, Brandon,” “Thanks, Brandon” and “Thank You, Biden” simply mean “thank you.

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When did #ThankYouBrandon start trending?

The hashtags for thank-yous began on November. 5 or the time that people on social media described as “infrastructure week.” This is when the House approved an $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was bipartisan by a vote of 228 to 206. It is the most comprehensive transportation spending plan ever in U.S. history. Bridges, roads, waterways and high-speed internet are among the areas that are targeted for improvement in Biden’s bill on infrastructure.

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